About One Good Craft

This is a "craft of the day" blog, meaning that every day there will be a new craft for you to check out. I only use the best crafts on this blog. You're welcome.

Criteria I use for deciding which craft to feature:
-instructions are easy to understand
-inexpensive (you would save money making it yourself)

My name is Jessica. I LOVE crafts. {Duh.} I started this blog because there is an overwhelming amount of craft projects on the internet, but most of them are really lame. I tramp through all the lame ones and post the crafting gems on this blog. Every day it is a new craft. There is a wide variety of crafts on this blog, ranging from fabric/sewing to wood and painting. There are also home decor crafts and crafts for children. I post the ones that I personally would make, so if you have a craft that you think meets my standards, let me know.  Send me an email- jessica@sharpcrochethook.com.

If you have a craft that meets this criteria, let me know about it! If I think it ROCKS, I will use your craft and you will be "Queen of the Day" around here with full bragging rights, a boost in web traffic, and a pizza party with your crafting buddies! (You provide the pizza, party, and crafting buddies.)

If you are chosen to be "Queen of the Day" here is the button you can display proudly on your blog (have it link to onegoodcraft.blogspot.com).
Thanks for visiting this blog. I keep track of how many people visit my blog each day, and I get so excited when I have one more person visit this blog than the day before. Thank you for making my day! If you think this blog is cool, please tell your friends about it!


1)     I have three totally awesome girls, whom I give lots of attention (ages 1, 3, and 5). I usually work/craft/blog/email at night so I can be a full time mom to them during the day. My husband is great and loves that I chose to me a stay at home mom.

2)      I also run a business I started, check it out! I invented a new kind of crochet hook that is ideal for crocheting through fabric and paper. www.sharpcrochethook.com.
3)     When I was pregnant, I wanted to eat pickle brownies all the time. Ewww! Now, my favorite treats are brownies, "chocolate devotion" ice cream from Cold Stone, cherry covered chocolate cake, and pretty much any other form of chocolate! haha!

4)     I teach the 17-18 year old Sunday School class at church. I've found they pay attention much better if I use pictures!

5)     I learned to crochet when I was 5 and I've been doing all sorts of crafts ever since!

6)     I got a rice cooker about two weeks ago and I've been eating rice every day since. I love jasmine and basmati the best.

7)     I lived in Urumqi, China (Xin Jiang Province) for about six months teaching English and now I LOVE spicy food. I just found Srirachi sauce at my local Walmart! Yay!

8)     Of all the international places to visit, I'd love to see the pyramids in Egypt.

9)     Right now I'm working on a headboard. It is the largest craft I've ever done, but not the most difficult. Quilting is wayyy more difficult.

10)    I love all the women I have met from starting this blog. There are a lot of many talented mothers out there!!!

Jessica, Founder
One Good Craft

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